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Potential Loss of Power: Plans for Residential Students

Given the dropping temperatures this evening, we may experience icy roads, sidewalks and ice on trees which could lead to the loss of power on campus, particularly for residence halls on the backside of campus and the dining hall.


  • In the event that we lose power, we will lose email access, so our primary method of communication will be via Residence Hall Exterior Door Signs.
    • Campus Safety Messages will be hand written on RED PAPER
    • Residence Life Messages will be hand written on WHITE PAPER
  • Since the power may be out, your only form of external communication may be your cell phone. Please take this opportunity to fully charge your cellular or mobile devices, if the event that power is lost this evening.
  •  If you have an emergency please contact Campus Safety at (404)504-1998.

    If power is lost on campus you will be notified via text to use the alternate campus safety number (404)237-2610. Please use this number ONLY IF you are alerted to do so and/or the power on campus is down.

    Any questions- please reach out to residential life staff.  Raphael Coleman can be reached at (404)364-8895 office, (404) 919-6875 cell | [email protected]


  • If power is lost on campus for an extended time, students will be directed to stay in the Turner Lynch Campus Center to have access to necessities such as food, running water, etc. Please bring the following things with you if you decide to stay in the Turner Lynch Campus Center:
    • Warm Clothes
    • Blankets and other sleeping linens
    • Snacks and other important items such as prescriptions medicines that you may need
    • If you own a Flashlight bring one
    • Board Games, Cards, etc. Let’s make this fun!
  • With power loss, the main entrances to Bowden Magbee, Dempsey, and Jobe Hansen Halls will be triggered to OPEN.  Please lock your room doors.
  • For Jobe Hansen and Bowden Magbee Residence Halls, Petrel Pass access will only be functional for a limited time once the power goes out, so we encourage you to prop your door ONLY IF you are leaving your suite and planning to return IMMEDIATELY.  Keep your doors locked and valuables locked in your personal room.


While the campus is closed, with power or not, dining hall hours will be:
  • Brunch  10:30 – 1:30 PM
  • Lite Lunch 1:30 – 5:00 PM
  • Dinner 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Starbucks will be open from 10:30 AM – 10:00 pm (If the power is out, the Starbucks will be closed)

If you live in the Atlanta Metro area:

Given limited space and resources with a campus power outage, if you live in the metro area, it may be advisable that you lodge/bunk at home if you would feel more comfortable there. Please monitor the road conditions. If the roads become too dangerous, we strongly encourage you to not drive and to remain in a safe location.

Oglethorpe Day

Oglethorpe Day Celebrations, including the event with Arthur Blank, will be postponed. An alternative date is being scheduled. Stay tuned for more information.