Merit News

Merit News

Oglethorpe students have Merit!
Sharing your achievements

Oglethorpe University uses Merit to celebrate student accomplishments—like dean’s list, academic awards, study abroad, internships and more. Student achievements appear on their individual verified online profile, a personalized Merit page.

Students’ achievements are emailed directly to them and may also be shared with a network of stakeholders who are interested in each student’s success: high school principals and guidance counselors, hometown media outlets, elected state legislators, and parents. Students have the option to share their good news via their via social networks.

Check out Oglethorpe University’s Merit page and see what others are doing on campus!

Oglethorpe University is among 450+ colleges, as well as partner organizations like national honor societies and service organizations, that use Merit to recognize and promote student success, and give students the chance to share their accomplishments with the people who love and support them via social media, local media and online. A personalized Merit page is a verified, automatically updated online showcase of achievements that can be customized and shared.
Your Merit page is a verified, public profile that’s built for you by Oglethorpe University and the other important organizations, like national honor societies, Greek organizations, and service groups, that comprise your education and experience. Because your Merit page is updated by Oglethorpe, it’s got the credibility that a conventional resume can’t match. Better yet, it’s updated for you, so you can focus on doing great things while Merit makes sure you get the attention you deserve for them.

You can, however, enhance and add to your Merit page if you wish. Merit allows students to customize their Merit page URL, add a profile photo, bio, and other activities and work experience. You can even include photos and videos to further demonstrate your involvement in these activities.

Plus, when you connect your Merit page to your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, your Merit page is easy to share with the people who are invested in your outcomes and your success: family and friends; employers; former teachers, coaches and schools; volunteer organizations and programs, and more. Your Merit page is a way for important people to discover you based on the “good stuff”: a powerful, positive online identity that’s made up of your accomplishments and achievements.

Claiming your Merit page can be done via Facebook, Twitter or email. You can use the special link you receive via email when your page is created by Oglethorpe University, use a link in any of the emails you receive about your achievements, or simply go to Oglethorpe’s Merit page, search for your name, and click the “is this you?” link on the page, which will prompt you to enter your school-issued email address to claim your page.
We support your wish to keep your accomplishments private. Opting out of Merit is easy and not only removes your page from, but also prevents Oglethorpe University or any other participating Merit organization from being able to publish achievements about you in the future.
In addition to enhancing your Merit pages and connecting you to social networks, students can and should include their Merit page URL on their resumes and share it with potential employers or graduate admissions counselors. Merit is a verified showcase of your accomplishments and a powerful way to show employers the success, skills, and expertise you have gained at Oglethorpe University.

Oglethorpe University’s Merit Page

Founded in 1835, Oglethorpe University is Atlanta’s only co-educational small private college, home to 1450 diverse and engaged students representing more than 30 states and 30 countries. Renowned for its groundbreaking Core program, Oglethorpe connects theory and practice through its Atlanta Laboratory for Learning (A_LAB), an incubator for students’ experiential learning outside the classroom.